Homemade Preset for Portraits

Been playing and experimenting for the last few hours with the Nik Collection's Silver Efex Pro 2 and created a preset that I think looks really cool on a lot of portraits. 

I went for a slightly over exposed look with a slight blue toning, as well as a thin border and subtle vignette. Applied it to some photos from various shoots I've done over the last few months and absolutely loving some of the results. 

Another Photoshop Twirl Art

Did some more experimenting various blending and distortion modes Photoshop and came up with a psychedelic kaleidoscope type image.  Although very abstract, I love the colours and how all the and lines seem to form the shapes of otherworldly flower petals.

Originally inspired by a Deke McClelland tutorial from, I then spent hours experimenting with different images (the more colourful the better) and with a wide variety of different features of Photoshop. 

Twirl Art

Took a couple of my photos from the last 6-months and did some experimenting in Photoshop to create some abstract twirl art images. 

Abstract Spirals

Been experimenting with creating abstract spiral images after watching Justin Reznick's course 'Architectural Photography: A Fine Art Approach' over on