Another Photoshop Twirl Art

Did some more experimenting various blending and distortion modes Photoshop and came up with a psychedelic kaleidoscope type image.  Although very abstract, I love the colours and how all the and lines seem to form the shapes of otherworldly flower petals.

Originally inspired by a Deke McClelland tutorial from Lynda.com, I then spent hours experimenting with different images (the more colourful the better) and with a wide variety of different features of Photoshop. 

Twirl Art

Took a couple of my photos from the last 6-months and did some experimenting in Photoshop to create some abstract twirl art images. 

Abstract Spirals

Been experimenting with creating abstract spiral images after watching Justin Reznick's course 'Architectural Photography: A Fine Art Approach' over on Lynda.com.