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Born and raised in the south-east of the city, I now live and work in central London. Music and photography are my biggest passions, with my guitar and my camera my two most treasured possessions.


My photographic interests are very varied, but mostly lean towards images of people. Whether that's portraits and headshots or pictures of candid street life, my best shots are about people. Look at my Blog to see my latest images and shoots.


I get a thrill from crafting unique and interesting images of people and seeing their reaction. My interest in photography is almost to the point of an obsession with the art and I invest a huge amount of time into learning and enhancing my skillset.

Before the session

How do I book a photoshoot?

Click here complete an enquiry form to select one of the available photoshoot packages, or for a custom quotation email with details of what you’re looking for.

Is there a deposit to pay?

Yes, once the date/time/price are agreed an invoice will be issued for 50% of the total fee. This 50% is the deposit that should be paid within 3 working days of issue. If the photoshoot is less that one week away, this should be paid within 24-hours. The remainder of the fee is payable 24-hours before the photoshoot is scheduled and must be paid by the end of the session at the latest.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Reschedule - Get in touch as soon as possible and we can discuss rescheduling. No re-booking deposit will be necessary if informing within 14-days of shoot date, however half of the deposit (i.e. 25% of whole fee) will be payable if postponing less than 14-days before the agreed date.

Cancel - Deposit payments will not be refunded if you completely cancel the shoot less than 21-days prior to the date booked. Half of the deposit (i.e. 25% of whole fee) will be refunded in cancelling more than 21-days in advance.

During the session

How long does the session last?

This depending on the type of package booked or custom session agreed on. Can be as little as 30 minutes or can last all day.

What about hair and makeup?

You are very welcome to do your own hair and makeup, or bring along a friend to help you out. I can provide a professional hair stylist and/or makeup artist on request for an additional fee.

Who will be at the shoot and can I bring someone else to watch?

A simple shoot involves just you and the photographer, with more complex photoshoots possible also featuring an assistant to help with lighting, plus hair and makeup people. You are very welcome to bring someone along to watch the photoshoot, but please let me know beforehand.

Why not consider a group booking? Email for a custom quote.

After the session

How long after the shoot will I get to see the photos?

Usually within 2-3 days for most photoshoots, but more complex sessions could be up to a week. Turnaround time will vary for any additional retouching of images beyond those included in the package booked.

How will I receive the images?

All photos are provided in electronic format accessible via online gallery at with options to download JPEG files in High Resolution (3600px) and Web Size (1024px).

Are physical prints available?

Yes, physical prints on paper, canvas, or metal can be ordered directly through the interactive online gallery. These prints are provided by a company specialising in art gallery quality photo printing. Contact me for a detailed price list of the various sizes and materials.

How much retouching / editing / airbrushing is done on the pictures?

Any temporary blemishes (i.e. spots) will be removed and skin tones evened out, but skin texture is not affected leaving the image looking like you on your best day! Specialised sharpening techniques are used to subtly focus attention to the focal point of the image (usually the eyes).

Click here for before/after examples of the retouching and enhancing included.

Like what you’ve seen? Want to work together?

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